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Polytechnique Montreal

Country : Canada Polytechnique Montreal

Region : Quebec

City : Montreal

Web site : www.polymtl.ca

The Polytechnic School of Montreal (Polytechnique Montreal) is a postgraduate institution of engineering, affiliated to the University of Montreal, Montreal (Quebec) and founded In 1873. In addition to its bachelor's degree programs, Polytechnique Montreal offers postgraduate training and is one of the largest Canadian-based research institutions in Canada.


Polytechnique Montreal provides teaching in several engineering specialties and completes a quarter of university research in these fields in Quebec.

Departments and institutions

The Montreal Polytechnic School consists of seven departments and two institutes:

  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • General Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
  • Department of Civil, Geological and Mining
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  • Institute of Nuclear Engineering


The mission of the Montreal Polytechnic is to:

  • provide quality university education, In engineering; All cycles with emphasis on human values;
  • carry out relevant and high-level research, The basis of training; And to the doctorate and taking into account the needs of the industrial and societal environment.
  • have a concrete intellectual and social influence; By interactions with the external environment as much in the country as; The 4 .


  • 12 undergraduate programs at the 1   cycle and 15 specializations at the graduate (master and doctorate)
  • Intensive training, dinner-conferences, certificates or in-company training and international exchange programs are offered by the Crossroads of Improvement


  • $ 80 million annual budget
  • 87 research infrastructure projects
  • 39 research chairs and more than 60 research units
  • 40 research laboratories
  • 3 areas of sectoral excellence
    • Aerospace and transportation
    • Multimedia, IT and Telecommunications
    • Science and Life Sciences
  • 3 areas of topical excellence
    • Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies
    • System science and systems
    • Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • 151 valorization technologies, 64 patents detained, 35 invention declarations / year


The HEC-Poly-UdM Entrepreneurship Center encourages university entrepreneurs by offering Canada's largest funding in addition to other services such as business start-up assistance or scholarships totaling $ 100,000.

  • 32 founded companies, leading to the creation of 440 direct jobs and 120 indirect jobs.
  • 84 student entrepreneurs, with annual sales of $ 36 million.

Sources : Wikipedia, www.polymtl.ca

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