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Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)

Country : Canada Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)

Region : Quebec

City : Quebec City

Web site : www.inrs.ca

The National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) is a research and training university of 2nd and 3rd cycles. The first university in Canada for its research intensity (grants by professor), INRS brings together 150 professors and nearly 700 students and postdoctoral fellows in four centers in Montreal, Quebec City, Laval and Varennes. INRS is one of the ten components of the Université du Québec (UQ) network. INRS is headquartered in Quebec City. The INRS publishes PlanèteINRS.ca, a webzine presenting the research advances achieved within the university.

Research Centers

The National Institute for Scientific Research is composed of four centers:

  • Center Eau Terre Environnement, located in the city of Québec, devoted to the protection, conservation and development of water and land resources;
  • Center Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications, located in Varennes and Montréal, is a center of excellence in research, innovation and training in the fields of advanced materials, nanotechnologies, photonics, telecommunications and sustainable energy ;
  • The INRS-Institut Center Armand Frappier, located in Laval, which contributes to Québec's efforts in research and technology transfer in the field of human, animal and environmental health;
  • Center Urbanization Culture Société, located in Montreal and Quebec City, devoted to urban studies, culture, public action and the social sciences.

Chairs, Groups and Networks

The research mission of the INRS is oriented towards the cultural, economic and social development of Quebec. In this sense, the professors of the four thematic, multidisciplinary and sectoral research and training centers constituting the INRS work in collaboration with partners in the public, parapublic and private sectors. Several professors of INRS are responsible for groups and research networks or holders of chairs bringing together scientists from here and elsewhere recognized for their expertise.


The Institut national de la recherche scientifique offers programs in:
  • Water, Earth and Environment
    • Masters in water sciences
    • Doctorate in water sciences
    • Masters in earth sciences
    • Masters in earth sciences - environmental technologies
    • Doctorate in earth sciences
  • Energy, Materials and Telecommunications
    • Masters in energy and materials sciences
    • Doctorate in energy and materials sciences
    • Masters in telecommunications
    • Joint Network IT
    • Doctorate in telecommunications
    • Masters in telecommunications
  • INRS - Institute Armand Frappier
    • Masters in experimental health sciences
    • Masters in applied microbiology
    • Masters in virology and immunology
    • Doctorate in virology and immunology
    • Doctorate in biology
  • Urbanization, Culture and Society
    • Masters in urban studies
    • Doctorate in urban studies
    • Masters in demography
    • Doctorate in demography
    • Masters in research practice and public action

Sources : Wikipedia, www.inrs.ca

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