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5 tips to help memorize lessons

5 tips to help memorize lessons

It′s easy for some students to memorize their lessons. Sometimes, they just need to be following in class or quickly read their lessons to keep the essential parts of it. But not everyone has these capacities. That′s why it might be beneficial to know some tips that can make it easier to memorize texts. We present five of these tips in what follows. 

Write the class by hand

In this digital age, it is more and more common for students to take classes on computers or other digital devices. However, there is evidence that writing by hand allows the mind to better assimilate the text because it requires more engagement of the brain and the whole body.

Reading out loud

Research has shown that reading a text aloud makes it easier to remember it. Indeed, reading aloud stimulates both brain sounds and images, which improves the retention capacity of what is read. You may pair reading aloud with something like walking to make it even more alive.

Explain the lesson to someone else

Explaining something to others forces us to make sure we understand what we′re explaining at first. So, explaining a lesson to anotehr person forces us to better assimilate it ourself and thus better memorize it. On the other hand, explaining a text in one′s own words is an additional element to help us assimilate the text.

Proceed by association of key elements

Sometimes a lesson can have quite complex content. To overcome this complexity, associate certain portions of it with easier words, sentences or images that allow you to recall the more complex concepts. This is like creating a map of the concepts of the lesson in our mind, based on the key elements associated with each of the concepts.

Re-read before sleeping

The brain remembers more easily what it has learned recently. This is even more true when notions are assimilated by the brain just before sleeping. The brain at rest assimilates what was read right before. Also, instead of using electronic devices before going to bed, it is always better to have a good read instead. Electronic devices prevent from sleeping, while reading a document prepares for a good restful sleep.

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