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Study in Russia with the help of the RACUS organization

Study in Russia with the help of the RACUS organization

For more than 27 years, the “RACUS” organization has been helping foreign students to get prestigious, internationally recognized high quality education in Russia at an affordable price.


Our scope of activity includes the following:
  • Representation of the group of Russian state universities abroad; advertising and exhibition campaigns
  • Admission of foreign citizens to Russian state universities; student support and supervision at all stages of studies
  • Enhancing international cooperation in higher education
  • Assistance in agreement between Russian and foreign universities

Our services for international students

  • Consulting on studying in Russian universities, their study programs, Russian educational system and life in the country. Assistance in study program choice
  • Preliminary expertise of school certificate eligibility for studying in Russia
  • Assistance in making and delivery of Invitation letter to a particular university
  • Consulting on and assistance in visa document submission to the Russian Embassy in student’s home country
  • Meeting of students at the airport in Moscow and/or regions where universities are located
  • Admission to chosen universities and programs
  • Provision of accommodation in the university hostels during the entire period of studies (up to 7 years)
  • Assistance in registration at the Migration Service office of Russian Federation
  • Provision of free study materials in the university libraries
  • Consulting on “Procedure of Equivalence” for foreign education certificates which is a must for for-eign students
  • Monitoring of students’ academic performance and conduct
  • Offering parental control and feedback on parents’ request
  • Student interest protection and support during the entire period of study in Russia

All services offered by RACUS organization for international students in Russia are free except actu-al costs of tuition, accommodation and admission fees, health and life insurance, air tickets and visa to Russia as well as living expenses during their stay in Russia. Above mentioned services provided by organization RACUS are financed by the group of Russian State universities.

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