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Welcome to Scolaplan!

Welcome to Scolaplan!

A dream to achieve

Quality higher education is the dream of many students and parents. However, this dream is not always realized for various reasons that prevent aspirants from having access to the institutions that provide this kind of education.
Scolaplan is a platform that aims to help as many people as possible to realize this dream.

The Right to Education

It is universally accepted that education is a necessity for all. Indeed, it greatly contributes to the development and emancipation of every human being, and contributes to the evolution of any society. In that regard, it has been established as a human right, especially for children.
Like other elements recognized as human rights, education is not accessible for all on an equal basis. The reasons are many: Access is often hampered by mostly financial problems. Adaptation of students who have to move away from their countries to access quality education is also a major challenge.

Improving access to education

In order to improve access to education, Scolaplan's goal is to eliminate the factors that hamper quality higher education, by favoring the financing of higher education, and making available to foreign students, welcoming and accompaning structures in the host societies. By doing so, Scolaplan aims to make quality education accessible to as many people as possible.
Welcome to Scolaplan, a platform where the dream for quality education becomes a reality for all!

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